Procurement Plan

  1. The Procurement Plan is the identification and definition of needs for goods and services required to hire TRANSMILENIO SA to meet its goals and objectives constitutional, legal and regulatory, considering the convenience and benefits of contract and its adequacy and adjustments to budget allocations for each fiscal period.

Process for the Preparation of the Plan shall:

  1. Each agency, prepares a list of contracts required to fulfill the aims and objectives within its competence, in accordance with its plan of action and the resources allocated to the life, developing an individual plan of dependence.
  2. The plan of each of the units is set to the Committee for consideration Procurement, adoption and approval recommendation.
  3. The Legal Assistant Management Plan shall publish in the SECOP Hiring and recruitment page view and other portals established for this purpose.
  4. If the Head of Unit perceives the need to vary the approved plan, shall process the corresponding adjustment, which must be requested by writing to the Procurement Committee.May.
  5. The responsibility of the consolidation, modification and updating of the recruitment plan will indicate who the TRANSMILENIO Functions Manual SA

Source: M-SJ-001-Contracting Manual - February 7, 2013

In the following link you can download the 2013 Procurement Plan:

Plan Anual de Adquisiciones 2014

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