Procurement Risk Map

It is a methodological tool by which management identifies and systematically ordered a set of factors that can lead to acts of corruption, qualifies the presence of risk and potential damage expected.

Corruption Risk

It is the possibility of occurrence of a behavior or behavior that may result in a corrupt act. The risk approach is no preventive reparative identification so serve to prevent exposure thereof and the presence of the undesirable effects which generates corruption.

Source: M-SJ-001-Contracting Manual - February 7, 2013

In the following link you can download the Risk Map TRANSMILENIO Recruitment A:

  Mapa de Riesgos de Contratación de TRANSMILENIO S.A

Contracts 2013

(Art 1495 of the Civil Code, Art 864 of the Commercial Code)

Contracts are agreements wills between Transmilenio SA and a Contractor or Client for the provision of a service, the provision of a good, the construction of a work, etc..

Celebrates TRANSMILENIO type contracts: concession, consulting, construction, services, and inter-administrative state.

The conclusion of contracts by TransMilenio SA due to the application of the principles of government contracting, including transparency, economy, responsibility and administrative function. In this regard, the Management Body, in order to raise awareness of the current situation and subject recruitment publications official mechanisms provided by the regulations, present to the public the contracts of the Company.

Contratos años 2013

Supervision Contracts

Given the importance of state contracts, particularly those who have as their object the provision of public transport in the city and others who have influence on the activity of the Management Body, auditing contracts are intended for supervision, coordination and control by a natural or legal person, the roles of those charged contractors fulfilling contractual obligations.

In the following link you can download the list of 2013 Supervision Contracts TRANSMILENIO SA

Contratos de interventoría 2013

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