Purpose And Functions



Corresponds to TRANSMILENIO SA management, organization and planning of public transport urban passenger mass in the Capital District and its area of ??influence, in the form of automobile ground transportation, under conditions




In furtherance of its object, corresponds to TransMilenio SA perform the following functions:


1st. Manage, organize and plan the service of urban mass transit passengers in the Capital District and its area of ??influence, in the form of automobile ground transportation.


2nd. Apply policies, tariffs and take preventive and corrective measures necessary to ensure the service charge in accordance with the parameters set out by the competent authority.


3rd. Ensure that the equipment used to integrate service delivery technology, especially considering the use of fuels that generate the least environmental impact.


4th. Celebrate the necessary contracts for the provision of mass transportation service, considering among other factors the local experience in the provision of public transport services.


5th. Providing or subscribe for shares in companies whose objective is to provide the same services or performing related or complementary activities. Also, be associated, forming consortia and form joint ventures with other public or private entities to develop such activities.


6th. TransMilenio SA or operator shall not be a member of Urban Surface mass transport automotive by itself or through third parties, as the operation of the system will be contracted with private companies. TransMilenio SA will be responsible for service delivery has been unsuccessful when a selection process or when you suspend or terminate a contract early or declare the expiration of contracts with private operators for the reasons specified in law or contracts.


7th. Collaborate with the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation (now Secretary of Transportation) and other relevant authorities to ensure the provision of the service.


8th. Its own regulations


9th. Other duties as assigned by the legal rules, statutes or authorities.



For more information please download the following link, the Agreement No. 04 of 1999: "Which authorizing the Mayor on behalf of the Capital District to participate, together with other entities at the district, in the constitution of the Company Transport of the Third Millennium - TRANSMILENIO SA and other provisions. "


The document "Agreement No. 04 of 1999" is located in: Content / ABOUT THE COMPANY / PDF Documents to download

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