Integrated Management Policy

Integrated Management Policy

The Integrated Management Policy sets out guidelines to follow regarding (QMS), the environment (SGA) and the safety and health of the actors TransMilenio System (OH & S). Similarly and implicitly establishes guidelines to follow concerning the other subsystems components Integrated Management System: Document Management and Archiving (SIGA), Management of Information Security (ISMS), Social Responsibility (SRS) and Control internal (SCI).

The Integrated Management Policy has been formally expressed as:

"TransMilenio SA is an organization dedicated to meeting the transportation needs of the inhabitants of Bogotá and its area of ??influence, through planning, management and control of the public transport system, managing the provision of an efficient, safe, efficient, sustainable financial and environmentally, to contribute to the continuous improvement of quality of life and welfare of the inhabitants of the city, meeting regulatory requirements, preventing pollution and injuries and diseases of different actors and continually improving the effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in the System processes "

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