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Coordinating the Internal Control System through the measurement and evaluation of effective and economical efficiency of existing control systems, providing advice on the continuation of the administrative process, the evaluation of the established plans and the implementation of corrective measures necessary to compliance with the goals or objectives.


The Internal Control Office will aim to steer the implementation of internal control system and its ongoing evaluation in the Company.


1. Plan, direct and organize the monitoring and evaluation of the Internal Control System.

2. Leading the implementation of evaluation and improvement processes defined for the Company.

3. Verify that the Internal Control System is formally established within the company and that its exercise is intrinsic to the development of the functions of all charges and in particular those with command responsibility.

4. Check that the controls defined for processes and activities of the organization are met by those responsible for its implementation and in particular that the unit responsible for the implementation of the disciplinary regime to properly exercise this function.

5. Check that the controls associated with each and every one of the organization"s activities, are adequately defined, are appropriate and constantly improve, according to the evolution of the Company.

6. Ensure compliance with laws, regulations, policies, procedures, plans, programs, projects and goals of the Company and recommend any necessary adjustments.

7. Check the processes related to the management of resources, goods and information systems of the Company, recommend necessary corrections and monitor the measures recommended.

8. Across the Enterprise encourage the formation of a control culture that contributes to continuous improvement in the fulfillment of the institutional mission.

9. Evaluate and verify the implementation of mechanisms for citizen participation in the development of constitutional and legal mandate, implement the Company.

10. Provide support to managers in the decision making process, so as to obtain the desired results.

11. Provide ongoing information to managers about the state of internal control within the entity, realizing the weaknesses identified and compliance failures.

12. Verify the implementation of respective measures recommended.

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