Strategic Processes

Using Strategic Processes are planned and constantly analyze the results of the entity, which can determine the orientation of the same to the short, medium and long term, the definition of objectives, identification of actions and resources to achieve them, and the defining actions Responsible Planning, Management and Control of Public Transport Service. These processes provide guidelines for the improvement of processes, ensure compliance with the rules, policies and procedures by internal stakeholders, external mass transport system users. Entre los procesos estratégicos se encuentran los siguientes:

Promote actions on improving the TransMilenio system in order to guide the service user satisfaction and model of integrated public transport system nationally and internationally. Similarly, advance actions to generate additional revenue TRANSMILENIO SA exploitation through business collateral, by promoting the SITP. Among the strategic processes are the following:

  • Strategic Development 
  • ICT Management 
  • Stakeholder Management 
  • Marketing Management

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